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[17 Feb 2009 | 2 Comments | 776 views]

A standing O!

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[17 Feb 2009 | 2 Comments | 992 views]
What a day!

When we’ve had time to digest everything which took place yesterday we’ll post more, but it seems appropriate for now to post some of the news coverage.

A sincere thanks to everyone we met and to the citizens of Denver who we were able to say “Happy Presidents Day” to.

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[12 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 274 views]

…”the Library of Congress marks the bicentennial Thursday by opening a special exhibit featuring Lincoln’s handwritten speeches and artifacts, including the Bible used last month by Obama during his swearing-in…”

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[11 Feb 2009 | One Comment | 3,037 views]

You can lead a U.S. president to a bar, but you can’t always make him drink.

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[10 Feb 2009 | One Comment | 448 views]
2009 Presidents Day Schedule Announced!

After weeks of planning and reconoitering the terrain, The Presidents Day Society is happy to present the 2009 schedule of events and toasts.

The most notable change in this year’s schedule as it compares to previous years is the formal addition of the Colorado State Capitol. In our inaugural year of 2007, we stopped at the capitol on a whim to capture a quick photo. In subsequent years it has become a favorite stop of the group for more photos, to bump into our legislators, and further our goal of reminding the public of the day’s importance. This year, we will actually be allowed inside the capitol and be given a tour.

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[9 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 540 views]

Which president had the largest feet? Who wore the smallest size? Johnston and Murphy have provided shoes for every president since 1850.

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[6 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 2,957 views]

In my ongoing research of Thomas Jefferson I often come across these fact lists. I found this one to be a little more entertaining than most. Enjoy!

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[6 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 244 views]

President’s Day happens to fall on the 16th this year and it will no doubt be a day for history to remember. After doing some reasearch I was curious as to what other significant events in history could be worth rememberance in addtion to our observance of President’s Day. Here are some…thanks to wiki:

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[4 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 781 views]

Duels, alligators, mechanical bulls…and more.

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[4 Feb 2009 | 3 Comments | 3,461 views]

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” — Thomas Jefferson