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Obama’s wheels: Secret Service to unveil new presidential limo

WASHINGTON (CNN) — As a candidate, Barack Obama promoted hybrid cars.

Auto enthusiasts have panned the design of the new presidential limo, which will be painted all black.

As president, he’ll be handed the keys to one. Sort of.
Shortly after taking the oath of office, Obama will climb into the Mother of All Hybrids — part car, part truck and, from the looks of it, part tank.
In keeping with recent tradition, the Secret Service will place a brand-new presidential limousine into service January 20 to drive the new president on the 2-mile …

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Every Living U.S. President Together at White House

WASHINGTON (AP) — An entire generation has gone by since the nation last saw this tableau of American history: every living U.S. president together at the White House.
Consider it time for a reunion among the members of one of the world’s most elite clubs, plus the one man about to join it — Barack Obama.
Picking up on an idea from Obama, President George W. Bush on Wednesday was hosting a lunch for the incoming president and the three former presidents: Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. It will …